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"Leningrad" (full title "Group of the Leningrad") is a Russian music band from Saint-Petersburg, created by Sergey Shnurov. Known, in particular, eccentric songs with a lot of Mat and alcohol-household theme. The group uses in their work an extensive composition of wind instruments: trumpet, saxophone, trombone, tuba. Also, the band extended sakharnov.

December 25, 2008 it was announced the band's dissolution. August 9, 2010, with the announcement of two November concerts in Moscow, began the revival of the group; in March 2019, it was announced that the stadium tour of the team in 2019 will be the last.



Igor Vdovin took part in the creation of "Leningrad" in 1996 as a vocalist, wrote lyrics and music, mostly Sergey Shnurov, he also played bass guitar, but soon became the frontman. Despite the fact that the main team was formed in 1995-1996, the official birthday of the group is considered to be January 13, 1997. The original composition of the group "Leningrad" included: Igor Vdovin (vocals, guitar), Sergey Shnurov (bass guitar), Andrey Antonenko (accordion, keyboards, tuba), Alexander Popov (vocals, big drum, guitar), Alexey Kalinin (drums), Roman Fokin (saxophone), Oleg Sokolov (trumpet), Ilya Ivashov (tuba). During performances of "Leningrad" it often happens that one or more members of the group went on stage drunk. This was typical for many Russian "underground" groups, but the drunken state became an obligatory component of the stage image of the group "Leningrad".

At the time of Igor Vdovin the group played music mainly of "yard" character, in many respects being guided by Arkady Severny's creativity. If early Mat in the songs "Leningrad" were sporadic, starting from the second album ("Math without electricity") swear words have become an integral part of the creative team. In the summer of 1998, Leonid Fedorov took part as a sound producer and musician in the recording of the album, which was called "Bullet". In December 1998 he replaced the ill frontman of the "Leningrad" Igor Vdovin during the performance of the group in DK. Gorbunova, where the "Leningrad" has opened a concert "Auktyon". Album "Bullet" released in July 1999 (the Moscow the presentation of the album of took place 2 and 3 July in club "Bunker"). But Leonid and musicians of the "Leningrad", in recording took part the percussionist "Auktyon" Pavel Litvinov.

In the autumn of 1998 on the St. Petersburg channel NBN premiere of the debut video of the group "Leningrad" Ч "I love you." Members of the group did not like the video, and the TV channel "MTV-Russia" to take the clip in rotation categorically refused. Then the group left Igor Vdovin, and the team made an attempt to speak in several cities with different singers. At some concerts, the role of vocalist and guitarist played Alexander Popov nicknamed "Belly" (preserved historical record of the concert at the hotel "Baltic", where he acts as the frontman of the group). After the failure of one of these concerts Sergey Shnurov decided to become the sole frontman of "Leningrad".

At that time, the composition of the group changes (leaving the trumpeter Oleg Sokolov and trombone player Ramil Shamsutdinov, the group included Vsevolod Antonov (known as Civic, prior to 2001, only occasionally takes part in concerts as a bass guitarist), Svetlana Kolibaba (also occasionally takes part in concerts as a "fall" and vocalist), trombonist Vasily Savin, trumpeter Alexander Privalov). In its new composition, the band recorded their second album "Math without electricity", which was released on the label "Gala Records" December 17, 1999. The second clip of the group for the song "Du Yu love mi (Give love)" was in the rotation of the TV channel "MTV-Russia". The group began to gain popularity in the country thanks to the compositions "Wild man", "Show business", "Alcoholic and jerk".


Wide popularity of the group brought a rotation of some of the songs on "Our radio" and the movie "DMB-2", where about a dozen songs of the "Leningrad" was used as soundtrack. After this the band came up with a broad group of fans.

In the summer of 2000 the band recorded their third album "Dachniki". Songs from the album were quickly disassembled for quotes, and the concert program "summer Residents" caused a real delight for most fans of the group. During the concerts of the period, the group began the schism Ч because of rampant drunkenness and aggressive behavior Roman Fokin horn section of the "Leningrad" began to move away from the "main backbone" of the team Ч Shnurov, Antonenko, Popova and Kalinin.

In August 2000, was shot a third video for the song "When no money". Unlike the first two videos, this clip was often broadcast on "MTV Russia" until the summer of 2003 (at that time, the policy of the channel changed and many clips of the past years disappeared from the air).

Fourth Studio album, "Leningrad", was released in 2001 called "made in zhopa". On the cover of the album you can see the inscription "Three morons perform unknown songs of the group "Leningrad". The project of Sergey Shnurova "Three moron" is group "Leningrad" in a truncated composition: Cord, Andromedic and the Antenna. In 2001, the group gained even more popularity thanks to performances at the festivals "Wings" and "Invasion", at the end of the year aired the program "Earth-Air" on the TV channel "TV-6", during which "Leningrad" performed their songs live, including obscene "Show business". The group was criticized by a number of radio presenters, and Ksenia Strizh called "Leningrad" one-day. Despite the aggressive attacks by representatives of the mass media, "Leningrad" gained additional popularity thanks to the TV air.

Then, in late 2001, the group is actively working on the next album, received in the result the name "pirates of the XXI century". Some of the scratch stuff was stolen from the Studio "Gala", and based on them was released on a bootleg "I can drink, but can be accelerated." Work on the album "Pirates of the XXI century" was a chore, the group had conflicts, and to improve the sound and the situation in the Studio Sergey Shnurov invited to participate in the recording of the album St. Petersburg ska band "Spitfire". The band "Spitfire" Andrei Kuraev (bass guitar) and Roman Parygin (trumpet) were familiar with Sergei Shnurov from the beginning of 1990-ies.

In February 2002, the presentation of the album "Pirates of the XXI century" in the Palace of sports "Jubilee", which was attended by 17 musicians Ч "old" part of "Leningrad" and the group "Spitfire" (without guitarist Konstantin Limonov). Subsequently, the concert was released by "Gala" on VHS "Skull and guests" and became one of the best performances in the history of the group "Leningrad". Until the summer of 2002 Sergey Shnurov at the time dismissed the "Leningrad", started writing new songs included in the albums "Second Magadan" and "millions", grew his hair and put in his teeth. In the summer of 2002, the first concert of the "updated" Leningrad Ч as accompanists was the group "Spitfire", while the musicians of the "old" part of the concert was not invited. In August 2002, members of the "old" line-up Roman Fokin (saxophone), Vasily Savin (trombone), Alexander Privalov (trumpet), Dmitry Melnikov (drums) left the band, expressing dissatisfaction with the policy pursued by Sergei Shnurov.

However, in October 2002 the last concert of "Leningrad" with the "old" line-up took place, despite the fact that the musicians of "Spitfire"were also present on the stage. In the middle of the year the group was joined by 2 members Ч guitarist Konstantin Limonov, the former frontman "Spitfire" (the position of guitarist in the band has always been a problem, the first guitarist was Igor Vdovin, then Dan Kalashnik and then, in the future, the guitars alternately performed Alexander Popov and Sergey Shnurov), and baritone saxophonist Alexei Kanev, a former member of the group "Two planes".

Yuri Luzhkov, as mayor of Moscow, banned large public performances of "Leningrad" in Moscow. As a result, the big Moscow concert of the group "Leningrad" with the participation of Zakhar May, scheduled for October 2002, was canceled, while the bright red posters (with Sergei Shnurov on horseback) continued to hang until the New year. The end of 2002 saw the group's successful tour of North America. Part of the footage during the tour material was released in the film "Leningrad udelyvaet America", which was later shown on television on the channel Muz-TV. At the end of November 2002 within the night program "MTV Russia" "2x1" the clip "WWW" which was made for Internet viewing was for the first time shown. After some time, this video hit the charts of music channels.

The seventh Studio album "Dot", released on November 29, 2002, was a compilation of previously stolen from the Studio material under the working title "I drink, but I can accelerate", known as solo songs by Sergei Shnurov and a Remix of the group "Disco Accident" on "Show business" from the album "Mat without electricity". The name of the album "Dot" emphasizes the ended relationship "Leningrad Group" and its former recording company "Gala Records"



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In February 2003 "Leningrad" will present its new program "For millions". However, the eighth album from the "Leningrad Group" was released on 21 October 2003, the company "Mystery of sound" called "millions". April 20, 2003 clip on the song "Money" won the clip of MP3 "Kobzon" on the results of a two-day sms-voting in the program "video bat MTV". On June 5, 2003 "Leningrad" became the winners of the award "Muz-TV 2003", during which the musicians staged a clowning Ч under the soundtrack of the song "WWW" the band members arranged dances, while Roman Parygin periodically opened his mouth to the recording of Shnurov's voice. Having received an award a metal plate with an Apple, Cords threw it in a hall with words: "Freedom you won't buy and you won't sell". In autumn 2003 "Leningrad" records album Huinya (released in 2005) c musical trio from London The Tiger Lillies. In December 2003, the opening of the independent label "Shnur'ok" took place, where Sergey Shnurov planned to release interesting releases. The first full-length album released on the label was "Thrills And Kills" by Spitfire.

At the beginning of 2004 2 music videos of the group on the composition "Manager" (December 2003) and "Mamba" (January 2004) became leaders in rotation on two music channels Ч MTV and Muz-TV. In the spring of 2004, the premiere of the video "Roads", which took a long time the top of the charts. On Thursday, may 27, 2004 in the program "MTV Release" was first shown a video for the song "Gelendzhik". The ninth Studio album of the band "Leningrad" "Babarobot or how to make soundtracks" was released on may 27, 2004 and became known under the abbreviated name "Babarobot". The album is a so-called "film", a story that tells about the guys who worked at the factory. From nothing to do they gave his friend named Robot cyborg, a model called "Babarobot". After the release of the album "Babarobot" the popularity of the group "Leningrad" has increased significantly. Profanity became less, and lyrics and jokes Ч more. After the song "WWW" Leningrad" got a new hit "Gelendzhik". Rock Opera group "Leningrad" is filled with humor in the style of the Cord, the realities of life and quality music. The track "Gelendzhik" became a hit of the black sea coast and did not leave the Russian charts for a long time. 7 August 2004, there was a performance of the group "Leningrad" at the festival "Invasion". During the festival, Sergei Shnurov was invited to perform the song "Gelendzhik" with the participation of people dressed in inflatable costumes of chickens, but for a number of reasons the idea remained unrealized. In the fall of 2004 in rotation on MTV and anime, "a Woman will" from the album "For millions".

22 November 2005 released the most "severe" in terms of of sounding album "Bread." "Minor Leningrad Symphony" is a compilation of 5 well-known songs by Sergei Shnurov arranged by cellist Sergei Drabkin. In the album participated a performer and showman Stas Baretsky, who wrote the lyrics to the songs "tennis heaven" in collaboration with Cord and "Loan", also participate in the recording of the latter.

In early 2006, the album "Bread" was released in Germany, where the CD was released as a gift on the label "Eastblock". 11 Mar 2006 there was a performance of "Leningrad" band in DC "Jubilee", which was later released on DVD under the name "Leningrad alive!!!". 28 November 2006 released the twelfth album "Indian summer." Since 2007, the singer Julia Kogan joins the group "Leningrad" as a backing vocalist. On November 20, 2007, the band released their thirteenth Studio album ,Aurora. Criticism treated the album favorably.

In the summer of 2008 was a performance of the group "Leningrad" in the framework of the annual festival "picnic "Posters"". December 25, 2008, after a series of successful concerts in Moscow club "B1 Maximum", Sergey Shnurov has announced the dissolution of the "Leningrad" and create a new group called "Ruble". The first performance of the new group took place on "opening" at "Leningrad" on Friday, September 26, 2008 (the audience then not at once recognized Shnurov who grew long hair, and at first booed "strangers"). The first big solo concert of "Ruble" was played in Moscow on January 30, 2009. "Slaughterhouse rubilovo with an abundance of Mat" or fitness rock, as he calls the musical style of the new group Sergey Shnurov, found a lot of fans not only among the fans of "Leningrad".

2010 Ч present

Sergey Shnurov at the festival "Rock over the Volga" 2012

On August 9, 2010, the press announced the November concerts in Moscow.

20 Sep 2010 the Internet was placed first in 2 years the new video of the group "Leningrad" Ч "Sweet dream". It is noteworthy that in this composition Sergey Shnurov did not sing a single word, while the main vocal part was performed by Julia Kogan. The clip was directed by St. Petersburg photographer Ivan Ushkov. Three days later, a second video appeared on the Internet Ч for the song "Bitter dream", the words and music of which are almost identical to the previous song. This time the vocal part was performed by Vsevolod Antonov.

On September 24, 2010 the video "Khimki forest" was released, the music and poems of which were written jointly by Sergey Shnurov and Stas Baretsky. The clip was made by Director Andrei Zakirzyanov based on the paintings of the artist Nikolai Kopeikin. The song contained taunts against some Russian showbiz figures, including artist Noize MC, who responded with an angry song "Shave the star". The Network was also home to a recording from the rehearsals of the group.

November 26 and 27, 2010 in the capital's club "Arena Moscow" was held 2 sold-out concerts of the group. The group appeared in an unusual way Ч instead of "skinhead guys in vests" on the stage came mostly mustachioed musicians dressed in the style of Soviet vocal and instrumental ensembles (S. Shnurov came on stage as a rock musician of the 1970s Ч with hair to his shoulders, in a pearl jacket and tight jeans).

The album "Henna", was released on 12 April 2011 and became the fourteenth Studio album of the Russian group "Leningrad". The presentation of the album "Henna" was held on April 12 and 13, 2011 in St. Petersburg, as well as on April 22 and 23 at the Moscow club "A-2". Concert program largely consisted of past hits "Groups Leningrad." Jazz vocalist Julia Kogan took part in the recording of the album and starred for its cover. Within a few months before the release on the site of "Leningrad Group" posted new material and conducted a survey: visitors were asked to choose the name of the new album between "Pop and Balda" and "With us POH". However, none of the options were accepted, and under these names later came 2 unofficial albums of the group. The album debuted in third place in the hit parade "Russia Top 25. Albums.ї

September 28, 2011 on the official website of the group appeared a message containing the album cover and the signature: "A week...". At the same time on the website of "Big City" there was a video message of Sergey Shnurov. The fifteenth Studio album "Leningrad" was released on October 3, 2011 under the name "Eternal flame". The release took place on the website of the magazine "Big city". The list of songs on this album was kept secret until the release, but shortly before that, the songs "First date" and "Loves our people" appeared in the rotation of "Our radio".

17 Oct 2012 on the official website of the group has a new album, "Fish", consisting of 12 songs, but Oct 22, 2012 the album was added 4 bonus tracks. The last 4 songs of the album are remakes of previously known songs "Leningrad".

November 16, 2012 in Moscow hosted the last concert with vocalist and backing vocalist Julia Kogan, who later went on maternity leave, and on November 23 was released a new video with an alternative version of the song "Fish", where the backing vocals have Alice VOX-Burmistrova.

March 22, 2013 the network has a new video for the old song "Gulf of Finland", in which, in addition to Alice, again present Julia Kogan. In August, the band performed on two foreign festivals: 3 August in the Polish town of Kostrzyn nad odr? at Woodstock and 10 August in Budapest on the Sziget festival. In early September 2013 Julia Kogan left the group "Leningrad".

At the end of 2014 the albums "Minced" and "our Beach"were released.

In 2016, Alice VOX-Burmistrova left the band. She was replaced by vocalists Vasilisa Starshova and Florida Chanturia.

November 19, 2016 the group "Leningrad" received the music award "Golden gramophone" for the song "Exhibit".

In 2017, the group "Leningrad" was 20 years old. In honor of this "Leningrad" organized a tour called "20 years of joy!"the program of which the main hits of the group for 20 years. July 13, 2017 at the stadium "Opening arena" was the anniversary concert, which gathered a record number of spectators: more than 45 thousand people. In July 2017, it became known about the departure of Vasilisa Starshova from the group.

On August 31, 2017, the video "CH. P. h." was premiered on the band's official YouTube channel. Part of the composition was performed by rapper ST. The video also starred rapper Pharaoh, journalist and publicist Alexander Nevzorov, football player Alexander Kerzhakov. On the same day, Sergei Shnurov published in Instagram a record with a link to the clip, according to which it can be assumed that "CH. P. H." stands for "Pure St. Petersburg *uynya".

In September 2017, Sergey Shnurov announced the premiere of the new video, specifying that the video will be released on the day when Russian President Vladimir Putin will announce his participation in the presidential elections of 2018. He said: "the Video is already shot. The release will be released exactly on the day when Putin will announce his participation in the elections. In some ways, the clip will be political." A new video for the song "Candidate" was published on October 20, when Ksenia Sobchak announced her desire to participate in the elections In November 2017 in the group there are three new soloists: Victoria Kuzmina, Maria olkhova and Anna Zolotova. On April 13, 2018, the first full-length album "Anything"was released.

On October 19, 2018 ,Leningrad broke a new attendance record among artists in Russia, gathering 65 110 spectators at the Zenit Arena in St. Petersburg.

March 20, 2019 Sergey Shnurov in his Instagram published a poem in which he announced that the upcoming tour of the group will be the last. The reason for the breakup has been brewing for the last two years, but the group has not even discussed it.

Later, in an interview with RBC, Sergei Shnurov commented on the dissolution of the group: "From each iron sounded that we are rolling "back to the nineties" that we have an era of stagnation. I thought if we had a stagnant era, let's have a stagnant music." He also noted that now is long time over, so, the existence of the group has ceased to be appropriate. At the same time, the musician admitted that one day he would gather the team again.

Farewell tour started on June 4 in Kaliningrad.

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